Be silent. Be still. Now, take your attention inside your body. Take your attention to your right hand. Do you feel something? Although it is not necessary to close your eyes to feel, close your eyes if you want to. Take your attention to your left leg. Do you feel something? If your mind is not serving as an obstacle, you will be present and feel that energy field within your left leg. Now, without focusing on any particular part of your body, can you feel the energy field of your entire body? What you feel is real. So, what is that? It is your Presence. Taking your attention within your body made you aware of your Presence.

If you touch a hot stove, you experience heat. Who experienced the heat? You did. You are the experiencer without which the experience of heat would not be possible. So, who are you? You are consciousness. What is consciousness? That question cannot be answered because consciousness cannot be intellectualized. The moment you answer it, you have made consciousness into an object thereby falsifying it.

Without consciousness nothing can be thought, perceived, or felt. Indeed without consciousness, nothing can be experienced. You can explain forms but who you are is formless and unexplainable. Without the formless, there would be no forms. Consciousness is formless. Although you cannot rationalize consciousness, you can become conscious of it. Having been identified with your mind for so long, you were hardly conscious of consciousness. You have been unconscious. You can become conscious of consciousness by sensing it now as your very Presence. What is called consciousness here is what you know as “spirit.”

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