The man I hate wouldn’t just let me be.

He stirs up anger in me, gives me unrest, what seems to be interesting to me is really just bitter now.

I go to work without peace, I’ve lost all sense of feelings and given out love because the man I hate won’t leave my mind. He keeps clouding my feelings. I want to enjoy my jollof rice and salad with turkey meat and drink my orange juice but it is not as satisfying to me because the man I hate wouldn’t get off my appetite.

There is this pain in my chest that won’t go unless I get my revenge. I go to lay on my bed and have a good night sleep after a hectic day but the man I hate won’t even let me close my eyes for my bed has turned to a place of unrest and revengeful thinking. I get dressed, looking stunning to others but my face reads sadness, anger, fear and hatred because this man I hate has taken over my joy, peace and tranquility. I kneel to pray to my Maker but I can’t. Why? Because I know He is displeased with my current feelings with the man I hate. For I have turned to be a slave to this man I hate.

What causes hatred among us?Anger is a dangerous and common vice. Anxiety sometimes expresses itself in anger. A tense and anxious person can become angry and an angry person can become tense. This can lead to hatred. 

An out of control anger is a bondage that we can all live without.

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