Chronic Illnesses

The Major Reason many People Suffer Chronic Illnesses

Before I started getting serious about wellness I usually wondered why many of the illnesses we have these days were not there during the time of our forefathers. We have hospitals, they did not have them; we have powerful health equipment, they did not have them; we have drugs, they did not have drugs like we have them today. But they were healthier and we are struggling to be well. I knew we were missing something. I knew something was going on. I did not know that soon I will be getting answers.

One thing I now know is that we deviated from healthy food choices which the body needs to function optimally. We have western diet; our forefathers did not have them. It was plant-based diet mostly for them. If the body gets the food it needs for nourishment, you will feel your body being “happy.” Your energy level will go up and your mental-emotional state will be affected in a way you will like. Your body will feel very much alive that you may feel your body “singing.” Your spirit inhabits your body and when the body is well, your spirit has a better relationship with your body and is “delighted” about that. Your food can have a spiritual impact in this sense.

Apart from cancer and heart disease, can our food be of help in preventing or reversing any other illness?

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