Nigerians need to know the truth as well as people around the world. We need to know what has been revealed in credible research and why sickness is common. The good news is that the solution is simple and inexpensive. The solution to the health crisis we have is the food we eat. Perhaps your mind wants something complex, something to “blow your mind away” as the solution. If that is your case then I am sorry to disappoint you.

It is my conviction that the majority of the people who are ill are unnecessarily sick. There is a more profound and more beneficial way to view wellness. The prescription is not a pill or surgery. The prescription which is easy to follow offers more health benefits than drug and surgery without side effects. Do you want extraordinary health? Change the way you eat and live. The prescription therefore is about the multiple health benefits of consuming plant-based foods. Soon you will discover the many health dangers of consuming animal-based foods including meat, egg, and dairy products. “Milk is good for strong bones and teeth,” you will soon find out that is hogwash. Fasten your seat belt.

There is a scientific basis for the views I hold and I want to communicate that as clearly as I can. You will be motivated you to change the way you eat and maintain that change when you believe the evidence that has been provided and experience the benefits of your dietary practices. Once I present the information in a way that it is understood, I have done my part. The rest is up to you. My view is based upon the findings of legitimate research carried out by competent and credible people.

In my own laboratory we have shown in experimental animals that cancer growth can be turned on and off by nutrition, despite very strong genetic predisposition. We have studied these effects in great detail and have published our findings in the very best scientific journals…these findings are nothing short of spectacular, and the same effects have been indicated over and over again in humans.

Eating the right way not only prevents disease but also generates health and a sense of well-being, both physically and mentally. Some world-class athletes, such as ironman Dave Scott, track stars Carl Lewis and Edwin Moses, tennis great Martina Navratilova, world champion wrestler Chris Campbell and sixty-eight-year-old marathoner Ruth Heidrich have discovered that consuming a low-fat, plant-based diet gives them a significant edge in performance. In the laboratory, we fed experimental rats a diet similar to the usual American fare – rich in animal-based protein – and compared them to other rats fed a diet low in animal-based protein. Guess what happened when both sets of rats had an opportunity to voluntarily use exercise wheels? Those fed the low-animal protein diet exercised substantially more with less fatigue, than those fed the type of diet that most of us eat. This was the same effect observed by these world-class athletes.1

We should know what science has revealed. We just cannot let the status quo continue while we watch our father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, relative, or friend suffer unnecessarily. It is time for you to stand up, clear the air with the information I bring you, and take control of your health and influence that of your loved ones.


  1. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Thomas M. Campbell II,The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health, 2006, BenBella Books, Inc., Dallas, pp. 23-24.

Nothing in this post should be viewed as a substitute for competent medical care. Also, you should not undertake any changes in diet or exercise patterns without first consulting your physician.

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