You are friendly with people. One day for some reason you start thinking, “What am I getting out of being friendly? I will stop being friendly.” At that point your thinking is negative. It starts yielding negative emotions. Negative emotions reinforce negative thoughts which in turn fuels negative emotions. This sort of thinking is destructive.

Destructive thinking has to do with a negative internal dialogue or self-talk. Much of the time we have internal dialog going on. Whether the self-talk is positive or negative, it is perpetuated by our own internal voice.

“I’m not intelligent,” “I’m always going to be broke.” These are negative thoughts that often prevent you from taking the next step. As a result, you remain in the same situation and fuel the negative self-talk. Become conscious of these talks when they come up and observe them. By watching them, your mind is no longer identified with them or attached to them. This way they lose their power or hold over you. Stop destructive thinking by starting to pay attention to your thought.

The critical inner voice in your head often sets standards of perfection and so the inner critic finds much reason to judge and attack. Stress is causing much disease in the world today and it seems to be difficult to manage. Negative self-talk makes managing stress a problem.

Destructive thinking is the hidden cause of stress. Do away with it and you overcome stress.

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