Anger, pride, envy, gluttony, hate, covetousness, and the likes are vices that creep into our life. From the very beginning we were created, it is said that, “We are perfect beings”. Now one may ask, “Where does these vices come from? And how do I get rid of this vices?” Until we understand that there […]

Why God Made You

Is man a biological accident? Is the human race just another stage of evolution that is purposeless? Am I just a meaningless being in the universe? Is there a plan to life? Any significance? Where did I even come from? For heaven’s sake, why am I here? An intelligent person who is old enough and […]

Finding my Home in God

Finding my Home in God In God there is peace and your best good.

Miracles on Set

Miracles on Set For years Mel Gibson carried it in his heart. He felt called to do a movie about Christ but he was giving himself excuses not to respond to the call. After living with the feeling for about 15 years, he approached Jim Caviezel and started talking about “Jesus this” and “Jesus that.” […]