Why You Should Shun The Voice of Negativity

I can’t make it. I can’t find the right answer to my questions. I can’t understand my partner. I can’t discover the reason for my creation. I can’t ,I can’t, I can’t. This is the language on the lips of so some people, and the kind of thoughts in their hearts – The voice of […]


Whenever I am down and depressed, I thought you were my best friend and will always find solace in your abode and my fear you’ll definitely allay, Swimming in you, for me was a sweet experience, swimming deeper and deeper into you like a mighty abyss but your depth unknown to me as a destructive […]

Living Above The Storm

As easy as it is to understand that life is not a bed of roses; as easy as it is to acknowledge that success most times comes after several failures in what so ever was attempted; as loud as you often scream that you sailed through every challenge, life got you entangled with.  Living above […]

The Man I Hate

The man I hate wouldn’t just let me be. He stirs up anger in me, gives me unrest, what seems to be interesting to me is really just bitter now. I go to work without peace, I’ve lost all sense of feelings and given out love because the man I hate won’t leave my mind. […]

FZMovies – What is FZMovies.net

FZMovies is an online platform. It is a place where you can get the best content to download and watch. They have all the coolest and latest movies in their database, which you can easily access by simply typing fzmovies.net 2020. They have Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Can I download any kind of movies on […]


Illusory Ola: I intend opening a bank account. Uche: You have two accounts already. Why do you want to open another one? Ola: I want to dedicate that one to saving an amount of money. I heard a global recession is coming. Uche: The global recession may start in the second half of next year. […]

My Experience with a Pyramid Scheme Disguised as Network Marketing

My Experience with a Pyramid Scheme Disguised as Network Marketing “It’s not about the money any more. It is about the people I am able to help,” she said. But that was a lie and she knew it. But she was on air, on radio promoting the “supermarket business” in which you shop once and […]