Finding my Home in God

Finding my Home in God In God there is peace and your best good.

Internal Turmoil : A Signal of Separation from God

Internal Turmoil : A Signal of Separation from God We are created in the image and likeness of God. At the level of “being,” not “human,” we are one with God. You are because God enables you to be. If God does not enable you, you simply will not exist. Hence at your deepest level […]

Seeking for Permission

Seeking for Permission It is about you, not them.

How Negative Mental-Emotional State Set in

How Negative Mental-Emotional State Set in Watch your thought.

Dissolving the Ego

Dissolving the Ego The ego arises from thought. To dissolve the ego, watch your thought.

Choose to be Happy

Choose to be Happy

Mind Identification is Misery

Mind Identification is Misery I was having a conversation with a woman one day and she told me about her experience of being insulted in a bus. After alighting from the bus, she continued to think of what happened in the bus. She was replaying the event and was imagining the hurtful words she would […]

Go Within

Go Within For the most part of your life you have been away from “home.” By that I mean that virtually all your attention has been on the external – external things and people. When you feel threatened, you look for security externally; when you are sad, you look for happiness externally; when you are […]

The Birth of Ego

The Birth of Ego You have just been born. You see shapes and patterns and hear voices. You will later be told that the shapes are faces and the sounds are voices. The shapes and patterns keep moving and the voices just won’t stop. You have been comfortable in the womb. Now the external environment […]

Recovery from Pain

As we go through life, we sustain physical injuries. However we have access to bandages and ointments to treat cuts and sprains. We also sustain what we may call psychological injuries. But you hardly know how to treat emotional pain and you end up brooding over memories or thoughts that are distressing to you. The […]