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The Birth of Ego

The Birth of Ego You have just been born. You see shapes and patterns and hear voices. You will later be told that the shapes are faces and the sounds are voices. The shapes and patterns keep moving and the voices just won’t stop. You have been comfortable in the womb. Now the external environment […]

How The Ego Sabotages You

How The Ego Sabotages You Your ego left unchecked sabotages you. You call a number of things that happen in your life “bad.” What you may not know is that most of these so-called bad things are ego-created, so in essence, they are self-created. I call those things drama. The ego in its operation creates […]

Destructive Thinking

You are friendly with people. One day for some reason you start thinking, “What am I getting out of being friendly? I will stop being friendly.” At that point your thinking is negative. It starts yielding negative emotions. Negative emotions reinforce negative thoughts which in turn fuels negative emotions. This sort of thinking is destructive. Destructive […]

Time Travelling of the Mind

Your mind is constantly seeking to escape the present moment. It considers the present moment uncomfortable and boring. When you are identified with your ego, there is this compulsive need you have to live in the past or future. When you live in your memories, you are living in the past; when you live in […]