Whenever I am down and depressed,
I thought you were my best friend and will always find solace in your abode and my fear you’ll definitely allay,
Swimming in you, for me was a sweet experience, swimming deeper and deeper into you like a mighty abyss but your depth unknown to me as a destructive beast of nature…

Each time I come closer to you,
The more interesting you become and my gullible self getting so high in the highest cloud (9) and in my deluded mind, my inspirations I draw from you
Hmmm, (crazy ones) but little did I know it was foolishness of the highest order…

Oh! Mama save my soul from perishing,
For this addiction has eaten deep down my bone marrow, for I thought I could be happy with her and my grievances, she’ll wipe away in her warm embrace…
But I’m now a shadow of my broken self unfathomable, presently at a crossroad between life and death, with death staring her ugly face at me, but I hope on God the only one who can save me

Oh! You addicted fellow hear the silent voice,
Crying out from my lonely heart and make hay while the sun still shines, get out as fast as possible from that abyss. Before you get drowned by it…

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