Miracles on Set

Miracles on Set For years Mel Gibson carried it in his heart. He felt called to do a movie about Christ but he was giving himself excuses not to respond to the call. After living with the feeling for about 15 years, he approached Jim Caviezel and started talking about “Jesus this” and “Jesus that.” […]

Internal Turmoil : A Signal of Separation from God

Internal Turmoil : A Signal of Separation from God We are created in the image and likeness of God. At the level of “being,” not “human,” we are one with God. You are because God enables you to be. If God does not enable you, you simply will not exist. Hence at your deepest level […]

Healthy Cells, Healthy Body

Healthy Cells, Healthy Body Uche: Have you been able to open a bank like you said? Ola: Sourcing for the N25 billion capital base has not been easy jare. Now we hear the amount is about to be increased to upwards of N35 billion. Where will I get the money? Uche: The cartel wants to […]


Illusory Ola: I intend opening a bank account. Uche: You have two accounts already. Why do you want to open another one? Ola: I want to dedicate that one to saving an amount of money. I heard a global recession is coming. Uche: The global recession may start in the second half of next year. […]

Seeking for Permission

Seeking for Permission It is about you, not them.

Your Diet Affects your Kidneys

Your Diet Affects your Kidneys The professor resolved their problem of kidney stones by changing their diet. Read the post.  

Your Body Composition

Your Body Composition As I learn about the body, I get more impressed. The organization is astonishing. Cells come together to form tissues. Tissues organize themselves into organs. Organs work in a way even scientists are yet to fully understand to form systems. Systems work together in a wonderfully coordinated manner to give us the […]

“Drink Milk for Strong Bones and Teeth.” Is that so?

“Drink Milk for Strong Bones and Teeth.” Is that so? Regardless of what you have been told, the casein in cow’s milk makes it carcinogenic. Read this post to be informed about what can actually help your bones.