The Famous Heart Study you are not Aware of

Framingham Heart Study There was a time when most doctors believed that heart disease was an inevitable “wearing down” down of the body and hardly could anyone do something about it. Hearts are like car engines; as one got older, the parts did not work as well and sometimes gave out. What if the disease […]

All Works for Good

A seed germinates and grows to become a tree. In time, the tree yields fruit. The leaves of the tree take in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Human beings breathe in this oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide which the leaves of the tree take in. There is a design. Intelligence is at work. The […]

Stillness II

Stillness II A good number of people are so used to doing that they are not able to just sit and be still. It seems as if they are afraid of silence. Maybe you have noticed that your mind becomes hyperactive when you try to be still. You do not like what shows up and […]


Enlightenment When we talk about enlightenment, it is important you do not get attached to the words but go beyond the words to realize what is being talked about. In this sense, words are pointers. The signpost that says “Ajegunle” is not Ajegunle but it points you to Ajegunle. Words can point you to enlightenment […]

Allow your Being

Level 1: You know you are not being real, you are not being authentic, you are not being you. You know there is a gap between who you are and who you are trying to be. It is hard keeping up with trying to be who you are not. Sometimes you try to be authentic. […]