The Confession of Many

I posted the following content in a social group. A good number of people acknowledged it as their confession. My sexuality. My glorious sexuality! My being was created in the image of God and my sexuality is an integral part of my being. My sexuality shines when my being is in loving union with God. […]

Disidentify from your Mind

Compulsive thinking is as a result of mind-identication.

The Illusion of Time

Imagine that there is no human being on earth. Do you think in such a situation, what we call time will be needed? Of what use will time be? Things can happen, things can change but there will be no time. Change is real but what we call time is not. Time is only a reflection […]

The Present Moment

The present moment is what you always have. It is always here. Things happen and all things happens in the present moment. All that has ever happened happened in it. All that will happen will happen in it. Right now things are happening in it. It is impossible for anything to happen outside the present […]

Conscious Relationship

Addictive relationships are always are always driven by the ego. You are “in love” with your partner but on the opposite side, your hate manifests as possessiveness, blame, anger, fear of loss, manipulation, need to be right. That type of relationship does not convey the true meaning of love. It is an unconscious relationship which […]