The Ego in Relationship

You have your thoughts, opinions, interpretations, judgments, and experience. All these come against her pattern of thoughts, opinions, interpretations, judgments, and experience, in your relationship with her. What is the result? Misunderstanding, grudges, and bickering. “But it was not like this at the start,” you say. You remember meeting her for the first time. She […]

Being Negative Costs You

By being hostile and negative towards other people, you are driving away those things you expect to make you happy. Website is no longer It is now


In the world of creation, thinking is a part of the process and not the entire process. To constantly engage in thinking is to allow our mind the freedom to use us. In this video, we consider how to put an end to destructive thinking as well as how to master the mind. The website […]

Manipulation in Relationships

In order to achieve the desires of the ego, we often end up being manipulative in our relationships. This does not only happen in intimate relationships but in relationship with family members, friends, and colleagues at work. Some people may not be conscious of the fact that their actions are manipulative. A manipulative relationship is […]

Be at Home in Yourself

Be at Home in Yourself “I need to look good so that men will talk to me,” a young lady said. An older lady affirmed, “Yes o. If you don’t look good, they won’t even notice you.” I asked them, “What if after looking good no man appreciates your look?” I went ahead and said, […]


Blood Cholesterol Come to know what can give you higher levels of total and “bad” cholesterol. Access full post:

The Ego in Relationship II

The Ego in Relationship II You approached your relationship not with the intent of sharing love but with the intent to win affection and avoid loneliness.  With the fear of being alone, you approached her for a relationship. In relationship with her, you will keep dancing on the edge of loneliness, “What if she leaves me?” […]


FOOD AND HEALTH WITH DR. PATRICK IJEWERE Dr. Patrick Ijewere shares valuable information that can help in the prevention and possibly lead to reversal of chronic diseases. Watch the full video:  

The Stages of Cancer

The Stages of Cancer According to Dr. Colin Campbell, there are three stages of cancer: initiation, promotion, and progression. In his book, The China Study, he uses the analogy of planting a lawn. He says: Initiation is when you put the seeds in the soil, promotion is when the grass starts to grow and progression is […]

You Are Not Your Body

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