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Heart Attack April 2019 ARTICLE Premium

Heart attack was once a mysterious death. Science has solved that mystery. Of great contribution is a wonderful health study you probably have never heard about... full post

Cancer Prevention III February 2019 ARTICLE Premium

How much less cancer would there be if people were passionately spreading information about true prevention?.. full post

T. Colin Campbell, PhD December 2018 ARTICLE Premium

Meet the man who conducted several studies that have been shown to benefit health. He directed the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted. You want to know this man... full post

Now you can take the driver's seat when it comes to your health and not just leave it to pills... full post

Blood Cholesterol January 2019 ARTICLE Premium

One of the strongest predictors of western diseases is blood cholesterol... full post

We have some answers today... full post

Cancer Prevention February 2019 ARTICLE Premium

What I am proposing is this: that we take as much responsibility for our health as we can... full post

Dr. Patrick Ijewere, an American-trained doctor and pharmacist, shares valuable information based on research by competent individuals, evidence, and his own experience, which can help prevent and possibly lead to the reversal of chronic diseases like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease. The content of this video can save your life or that of your loved one. No exaggeration... full post

Proteins January 2019 ARTICLE Premium

A good understanding of proteins will help when it comes to nutrition and wellness... full post

The Stages of Cancer January 2019 ARTICLE Premium

The fact that Tola's parent or Tola herself has cancer gene does not necessarily mean Tola must come down with cancer. Something has to trigger the gene. What could?.. full post

The Stages of Cancer II January 2019 ARTICLE Premium

Could it be that through nutrition cancer can be controlled?.. full post

Cancer Prevention IV February 2019 ARTICLE Premium

Let me talk about breast cancer as it is a concern for many women. Some women have experienced the exceptionally difficult position of trying to decide if to risk breast cancer or go for a mastectomy (surgical removal of breast). Some women have struggled to decide if to remove both breasts of their daughters knowing that there is cancer gene in the family. What if there is another option that is .. full post

Cancer Prevention II February 2019 ARTICLE Premium

You may be surprised to find out that the most powerful weapon we have against cancer is simple... full post

Chronic Diseases December 2018 ARTICLE Premium

When we say that this content is valuable, we mean it. This post contains startling revelations for health... full post

The Heart March 2019 ARTICLE Premium

Let us start with the blood vessels... full post

Proteins II January 2019 ARTICLE Premium

Learn more about proteins... full post

The Path to Wellness January 2019 ARTICLE Premium

We should know what science has revealed. We just cannot let the status quo continue while we watch our father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, relative, or friend suffer unnecessarily. It is time for you to stand up, clear the air with the information I bring you, and take control of your health and influence that of your loved ones... full post

You simply want to know this man... full post

Blood Cholesterol II January 2019 ARTICLE Premium

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes. Who are the people most likely to have these? In clear words, this post lets you know... full post