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What is my Purpose June 2019 ARTICLE

You are out of school and like most graduates, you start looking for a job. After several months, you find a job. You are happy to have a job and you resume at your place of work. In less than six months, you begin asking yourself if you would like to continue on this job. .. full post

The Thinking Process November 2018 ARTICLE

The thinking process happens in the brain and much is still unknown about it. Paul King, a Computational Neuroscientist describes the brain as a multi-layered ecosystem of hierarchically organized neurons, circuits, networks, and brain areas. “The neurons emit pulses called “spikes” that last about 1 millisecond. Each neuron fires (emits a spike) on the order of 10 times per second.”1 He g.. full post

Your Fear is not Real April 2019 VIDEO

Your fear is a product of your imagination and your imagination is not real... full post

Stillness June 2019 ARTICLE

When you are concerned about a situation or what you usually call a problem - physical, emotional, or otherwise - you may not want to be still. .. full post

Manipulation in Relationships January 2019 ARTICLE

Do not try to out-manipulate a manipulator... full post

Transformation through Enlightenment.. full post

Intuition April 2019 ARTICLE

The disaster is still remembered today for its sheer destruction the Indian Ocean tsunami. On December 26, 2004, an undersea earthquake struck off the coast of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. Over the next several hours, a tsunami a large ocean wave triggered by the earthquake reached out across the Indian Ocean, devastating coastal areas as far away as East Africa. .. full post

Who am I? June 2019 ARTICLE

I was close to three decades old on planet Earth when I first asked the question, “Who am I?” I gave myself different kinds of answers at different times of my life that were ultimately unsatisfactory because they were not true. But I felt I should know who I am... full post

The end of the relationship did not create your pain... full post

All Works for Good July 2019 ARTICLE

God is at work... full post

Manifestations of the Ego November 2018 ARTICLE

We have created a self out of our thoughts. We did not stop there. We have gone on to identify with this self we have created. That is the ego – our self-created identity. It is who we think we are. But you are not who you think you are. Your thought is a product of your mind and your Being is beyond your mind. Your mind finds it difficult to grasp your Being. You are a manifestation of God, ma.. full post

At the root of every addiction is compulsive thinking... full post

Thinking Addiction November 2018 ARTICLE

The world is full of addictions: addiction to drug, alcohol, pornography, sex. But there is an addiction which is pervasive and greater than all these – addiction to thinking. I call it the mother of all addictions. You probably have never read about thinking as an addiction. Well, the people you are expecting to write about it are also addicted to thinking and do not know it. .. full post

Disidentify from your Mind February 2019 VIDEO

Mind-identification is the greatest obstacle to enlightenment... full post

Intuition II April 2019 ARTICLE

You may not know exactly where and how you get some input and ideas but you know you get them and they are not the products of reasoning. You may hear people refer to intuition as gut feeling, sixth sense, instinct, inner voice, or spiritual guide. .. full post

Identifying the Ego April 2019 ARTICLE

Because your ego has developed a strong force over the years, dissolving it may not be an easy journey. But it will most likely happen that your ego at a point will hit a threshold of imbalance and will create suffering. .. full post

The Present Moment February 2019 ARTICLE

Nothing happens outside the Now... full post

Relationship Addiction January 2019 ARTICLE

Addiction, attraction, eroticism, control, then add possessiveness to it – this combination produces an intense emotionalism which we often call love. But that which we often call love is an ingrown dependency relationship where another person serves as the object of one’s need for security... full post

Growing Spiritually April 2019 VIDEO

When ego dies, you are left with who you are... full post

Pain December 2018 ARTICLE

When you experience emotional pain, people may not know that you are in pain. You may even doubt that there is something wrong. Added to that is your negative self talk, “You are a loser… You will never amount to anything... This is all in your head…Come on, snap out of it.” Your mind goes on and on. You do not want to admit to anyone that you are not feeling well and so you end up self-me.. full post

Accept The Now December 2018 ARTICLE

Accepting the Now is the beginning of the end of suffering. It is a liberating experience. By accepting what is, a new door will be opened for you to go through. .. full post

Where Emotion Arises February 2019 VIDEO

Be aware... full post

Thinking as a Tool November 2018 ARTICLE

A tool serves a purpose. You pick a hammer when you want to hit a nail into the wall. After nailing, the proper thing to do is to put down the hammer. What will you say about the person who after nailing carries the hammer about without dropping it. That would be insane... full post

The Ego in Relationship II January 2019 ARTICLE

It is not when you have a relationship that you will be happy... full post

Who you are June 2019 ARTICLE

Having being identified with your mind for so long, you seem not to know who you are... full post

Emotion: Mind and Body Meet II December 2018 ARTICLE

There is so much pain in the world but the greater part of human pain is unnecessary. This pain is self-created but we are hardly aware of this due to unconsciousness. .. full post

Stillness III July 2019 ARTICLE

Practise stillness and experience the benefit... full post

Dissolving the Ego April 2019 ARTICLE

What is required to dissolve the ego now? Notice the ego within yourself. Identify the ego in action. Ego is coming from your thought so drop the thought and bring your attention back to the present moment. .. full post

A Step in Faith April 2019 VIDEO

Follow the path your heart presents to you... full post

Destructive Thinking November 2018 ARTICLE

You are friendly with people. One day for some reason you start thinking, “What am I getting out of being friendly? I will stop being friendly.” At that point your thinking is negative. It starts yielding negative emotions. Negative emotions reinforce negative thoughts which in turn fuels negative emotions. This sort of thinking is destructive... full post

Being Negative Costs You January 2019 VIDEO

Change your reality... full post

Manifestations of the Ego II November 2018 ARTICLE

The divine in us is what we call God. So, God is in you and is also in every other person. We are therefore one for God does not have parts. Because God does not have parts, he can never come apart. God is love and by being who we are we can manifest love. One who manifests love is not empty. In fact, we cannot be empty. But living through the ego often results in a feeling of emptiness. Then you .. full post

Stillness II June 2019 ARTICLE

If you become still and you notice your mind coming up with different kinds of thought, or some form of pain showing up, that is an opportunity for you to disidentify from your mind... full post

You are not your Thoughts February 2019 AUDIO

No you are not... full post

Addiction to Thinking January 2019 VIDEO Premium

Free Yourself from the greatest addiction... full post

You Are Not Your Ego October 2018 eBook Premium

The problem is not that you do not think; the problem is that you are unable to stop thinking. You are addicted to thinking but you do not know that. Through compulsive thinking you look at people and situations through the eyes of the past. So you label and judge – you misinterpret. The consequence is unhappiness... full post

Relationships with true love are rare today. Maybe it is because conscious individuals are rare... full post

How the Ego is Formed November 2018 ARTICLE

How did the ego come about?.. full post

Go Within March 2019 VIDEO

Be at one with Being... full post

Freedom from Pain December 2018 ARTICLE

How can you stop creating pain for yourself?.. full post

Emotion: Mind and Body Meet December 2018 ARTICLE

The emotion gives you pain and your mind fights the pain so that it can remove it. But it never succeeds. Imagine the Inspector General of Police trying to find a murderer where he himself is the murderer. The mind can never find the solution to emotional pain because it is part of the problem... full post

Conscious Relationship February 2019 ARTICLE

It is therefore not when you have a relationship that you will be fulfilled. It is when you are fulfilled that you will have a true relationship... full post

Time Travelling of the Mind November 2018 ARTICLE

Your mind is constantly seeking to escape the present moment. It considers the present moment uncomfortable and boring. When you are identified with your ego, there is this compulsive need you have to live in the past or future. When you live in your memories, you are living in the past; when you live in anticipation you are living in the future. All this is to escape living in the Now. So your eg.. full post

Intuition III May 2019 ARTICLE

When you are dominated by the mind, all you may likely see are reasons to be unhappy, reasons to be anxious. Your mind goes, “I am just tired of this world. It seems as if it is a place custom designed to make everybody anxious. .. full post

You are not your mind... full post

The Ego in Relationship January 2019 ARTICLE

What happens when two egos form a relationship?.. full post

How The Ego Sabotages You November 2018 ARTICLE

The ego is the cause of "bad" things... full post

Recovery from Pain December 2018 ARTICLE

It is easy for the body to let go of pain the moment the underlying cause is healed but the mind has a sort of instinct for holding on... full post

The Confession of Many February 2019 ARTICLE

This is possibly your confession... full post

The Illusion of Time February 2019 ARTICLE

Change is real but what we call time is not. .. full post

Trust Your Being January 2019 VIDEO

Being wants to lead you to where you truly want to be... full post

The Birth of Ego November 2018 ARTICLE

The Birth of Ego You have just been born. You see shapes and patterns and hear voices. You will later be told that the shapes are faces and the sounds are voices. The shapes and patterns keep moving and the voices just won’t stop. You have been comfortable in the womb. Now the external environment makes you uncomfortable. All these upset you. You cry. You are aware of what you see and hear but y.. full post

Pain Is Due To Non-Acceptance December 2018 ARTICLE

A common form of resistance is people rejecting their emotions. You feel anger towards your brother for instance and instead of acknowledging the feeling of anger which is there, you deny it. So you experience an inner conflict with your anger as you continue to harbour the anger... full post

Surrender April 2019 ARTICLE

The present moment is simple. It is as it is. But the noise-making mind, subdued with compulsive thinking cannot stand it, so it runs from it. It submerges itself in the story it creates around a situation... full post

Intuition IV May 2019 ARTICLE

As long as you have a feeling, acknowledge the feeling... full post

Be at Home in Yourself January 2019 ARTICLE

If you cannot be happy outside of a committed relationship, you may need to stop and reflect why this is so... full post

Thinking Addiction II November 2018 ARTICLE

Addiction to thinking is constantly pulling your attention to the past and future. Being present, focusing in the moment, is the key to breaking this habit. When you are present in the moment, you cannot be thinking; when you are thinking, you are not present in the moment. Do not try to analyze your thoughts. Doing that can get you pulled into your thoughts which usually gets bigger. Bringing you.. full post

Living in the Present Moment March 2019 ARTICLE

Life unfolds in the present moment but we often let life slip by away since we are not grounded in the moment. .. full post

How The Ego Sabotages You II November 2018 ARTICLE

It is important that you separate your worth from your work. It is also important that you separate the result of your work from your work but when your ego runs you, you find this pretty difficult. Your worth as a person is not tied to the success of your career, album, book, or anything else... full post

You Are Not Your Body January 2019 VIDEO

Your body changes over time but who you are does not change... full post

Rise above Thought March 2019 VIDEO

The beginning of the end of compulsive thinking... full post

Transcend Your Mind December 2018 ARTICLE

Even though you are not conscious of your identification with your thoughts, you still suffer the consequences... full post