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We refer to a person as a “human being.” Those two words speak truth. The “human” represents the form – the name, clothes, house, car, thoughts – of the person. The “being” is the formless without which there would be no form, no “human.” In trying to find your purpose, you have completely abandoned “being” and focused on “human.” As long as you continue searching in that state, you will hardly find or fulfill your purpose. You are not a human doing. To put it in another way: You are to be and to do. But before you do, you will have to be. Most people however are so focused on doing that they neglect being. They do, and do, and keep doing, searching for their purpose in doing.

Your purpose, your primary purpose precisely, concerns being and not doing. “What is my purpose?” you ask. There are two levels to your purpose – inner and outer. You therefore have an inner purpose and an outer purpose. Inner purpose concerns being and has to do with your Being. Inner purpose is primary. Outer purpose concerns doing and it is secondary. The purpose of Conscious Evolution Path is to help you align your inner and outer purpose. The result is a wonderful experience of life.

Godwin is a transformational teacher who writes and speaks for the transformation of consciousness. He has experienced pain in different forms which were intense but his experience has led to his awakening. Something shifted inside him and since then his experience of life has been different.

This has resulted into more experience of love, peace, and joy. Godwin through his teaching is leading people to enlightenment to experience the true nature of their Being.
You may contact Godwin to come speak at your retreat, seminar, workshop, or event:
thumb Godwin Nwaokike
Transformational Teacher.
We create history for ourselves everyday of our life and it becomes easy when we know the problems and see opportunities for solving them.
The world is waiting for those who can use their thinking to create things, and solve problems that seem impossible for most people. Professional creativity entails standing out from the crowd because it makes the world to recognize you as an achiever.

As part of my many unending visions to leave the world better than I've found it, I'm always ready to form cohesive relationship with people I meet, to bring out the light in them and teach them what I've learnt.
thumb Francis Izuoba
Solution Developer

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